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Although makeup and skincare are some of the most effective methods for hiding your age and smoothing out wrinkles (read about skincare ingredients that reduce wrinkles!), getting the proper haircut to flatter your features is just as effective. A good haircut can have people guessing how old you are. So, treat yourself and get a new cut for the new year!
There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect anti-aging haircut. It will all come down to your unique features and face shape. That’s why above all, you should go to a stylist who is trained to look at face shapes and structures. And, make sure the cut fits your style. There’s nothing worst than a cut that doesn’t make you feel like yourself, or worse—ages you. If you’re looking for a hair length that is specifically ideal for women over 40, look no further than an asymmetrical bob.
To learn more about this flattering hair length, we spoke with Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and Founder of Phenix Salon Suites. She says an asymmetrical bob is a timeless cut that frames all your best features. Read on below!

Asymmetrical bob

This elegant cut provides just the right amount of bounce and volume. Actresses like Rachel McAdams, Rosamund Pike, Jessica Alba, and more have rocked an asymmetrical bob.
Rivera explains that an asymmetrical bob is a “terrific choice for mature beauties” since it’s a perfect blend of classic yet still modern and trendy. “This style is so hip that it’s perfect for making our ladies in their prime look super chic,” she says. “Removing a bit of length from the hair adds to movement and creates a youthful appeal.” Nice!
When it comes to styling this look, Rivera prefers “texturing the hair.” This creates an “opportunity to remove some of the damaged ends and weight which bring more life to the hair as well.” Texture spray is also a great hack for volumizing hair in the dry winter months! Rivera also recommends that it’s best to always consult with your stylist on a maintenance schedule. For those trying to regain hair health “make sure to trim every 4-6 weeks.” You want to ensure your hair always looks fresh.
An asymmetrical bob cut, if it’s blunt, will make the ends of your hair bunch up when curled lightly. This gives the hair more body. And, the deep part is added to create more volume on the top of the head by literally pushing more hair to one side of your head. This hairstyle is also great for hiding thinning on top of the head if you suffer from hair loss.
Growing older doesn’t mean you have to limit your hair choices. Try this trendy and youthful alternative, an asymmetrical bob, and have fun showing off your new style in the new year!
Author: Georgia Dodd
Editorial Assistant
Georgia Dodd is a New York-based editorial assistant at SheFinds Media. When she’s not covering the latest in wellness, beauty, fashion, and celebrity news for SheFinds, she spends her time reading sci-fi books, trying new foods, and listening to a true crime podcast. You can reach Georgia at [email protected]


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