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Makeup can be an essential tool for underplaying your age and enhancing your natural (and beautiful!) features. Well-applied makeup can smooth over imperfections and offer a glow to your face that can take your appearance to the next level, and there are certain hacks you can integrate into your daily routine. Specifically, there are lesser-known eye makeup tips that not only highlight your natural beauty but also eliminate dark circles and draw attention to your best assets so you can feel great in your skin
To learn more about eye makeup tricks to remove years from your eyes, we spoke with Nev Tomic, a professional makeup artist and founder of La Beaute Fatale cosmetics. She provided us with her top tips for younger-looking eyes with the help of makeup, so you can look and feel like your best and most confident self at any age. Read on below!

1. Getting rid of dark circles or bags under your eyes

Dark circles have many causes. They can be hereditary or can be the result of exhaustion, allergies, eye rubbing, or even excessive sun exposure. Eyebags are mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes. They’re common as you age and the tissues around your eyes weaken. But how can you hide them? Tomic has an idea.
“Start by drawing a triangle from the lash line down to the top of your cheek with a light concealer, this will help diminish the appearance of dark circles or shadows underneath your eyes along with brightening up the area for more spotlight,” she says. Noted!
And, if you’re still noticing pesky dark circles or eye bags, there are other measures you can take to alleviate this issue. There are eye creams, dermatologist-approved hacks, and even foods to avoid (which may surprise you!) for smoother skin under your eyes.

2. Use neutral tones

Both bright and dark eye makeup colors should be avoided for women over 40. Bright eyeshadows make your eyes look overtly dramatic while dark eyeshadows make them appear smaller. So, it is best to use natural and light-colored shadows. Who knew?!
“Lean more towards neutral colors, tones, and shades around the eye with nude [eyeliners] to achieve a more youthful appearance,” Tomic says. “Dark colors have a tendency to draw attention to crow’s feet and hooded eyelids.” Just make sure your eyeshadow and eyeliner look good on your specific eye color!

What makeup styles to avoid

Similarly, there are makeup styles women over 40 should avoid if they don’t want to age their eyes. “Avoiding shimmers, glitters, illuminators, and anything with extreme shine will be essential. Focus on matte beauty products as that will help provide a makeup style that is more complimentary to skin types over 40,” Tomic advises. “The key makeup look to follow is a classic beauty complex with no liquid eyeliner, clumpy mascara, or thick foundations as they can dry out the skin and draw attention to imperfections.”
Overall, aging is inevitable but makeup, like eyeliner, eyeshadow, and concealer, can be a powerful tool for hiding wrinkles and embracing your natural beauty. Be sure to try some of Tomic’s makeup tips for anti-aging your eyes!
Author: Georgia Dodd
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