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More authentic than ever, beauty is looking to natural ingredients to deal with day-to-day skin complaints. Gone are the endless ingredients lists, replaced by oils, butters and milks that are free from chemical additives of all kinds. Here are a few such natural skin care products that will help protect your skin from winter woes.
Lower temperatures often mean dry, dehydrated skin, as well as redness and tightness. But there’s no need to reach for creams and lotions — unless directed by your doctor — whose ingredients lists are often far too long to understand. Simple ingredients with powerful moisturising powers, in the form of oils or butters, will do the trick instead. More ecological and more economical, they will be your skin’s perfect partners through to spring and beyond.
While there are many plant-based oils that will deeply nourish your skin, it’s best to look to natural products. Avocado oil is undoubtedly one of the most nourishing of all, preferably to be used at night to also benefit from its regenerating and antioxidant properties. But if your skin is already starting to feel tight, a shea olein oil, or shea butter, will help moisturise it enough to avoid crocodile skin. The advantage is that it also has repairing and anti-aging virtues, which are just as welcome.
This age-old tip has been resurfacing on social networks, powered by younger generations. In search of ever more natural skin care, they are (re)discovering the many virtues of olive oil, an ingredient that is as important in the kitchen as it is in the bathroom, and affordable to boot. Olive oil is the perfect natural skin care product to fight against dry hands, often damaged in winter, thanks to its nourishing properties.
Not content with moisturising the skin in depth, olive oil also helps get rid of redness and other sensitivities because of its soothing properties. Plus, it’s as effective on the hands as it is on the rest of the body, and even certain areas of the face. It can also be used as a base for more elaborate skincare products.
When the skin on your face, body and hands falls victim to sub-zero temperatures, there’s a good chance that you’ll also have chapped lips — an inconvenience we could all do without at this time of year. Fortunately, calendula flowers are ideal for relieving chapped lips and restoring soft, healthy lips.
Calendula oil, sometimes called a ‘macerated oil,’ has all the necessary properties to do just that. If people with sensitive or itchy skin are used to using this oil to soothe their skin, few know that it is also very effective in fighting chapped lips thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating benefits. Applying a drop to the lips will be enough to revive them.
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