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Shaquille O’Neal turned 50 years old earlier this year, but has looked the same since retiring from the NBA and joining TNT as an analyst. O’Neal has claimed that he’s getting “younger and finer” because of his “Benjamin Button Disease.”
On the recent episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” co-hosts Nischelle Turner and Anthony “Spice” Adams noticed that O’Neal looks fresher than before. The four-time NBA champ revealed that he recently shot a commercial and found that he has “BBD.”
Shaquille O’Neal added that he was mesmerized when he looked in the mirror that morning. And when Nischelle Turner requested if they could get a sneak peak of Shaq’s body, the LA Lakers legend showed them a video he took in front of the mirror.
The Hall of Fame big man lost a lot of weight before his 50th birthday celebration last month. The pandemic took a toll on O’Neal, who ballooned to more than 400 pounds while the world was on pause. Shaq used the time to grieve the deaths of his sister Ayesha Harrison-Jex and former teammate Kobe Bryant.
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Shaquille O’Neal went from 405 pounds to 365 pounds in a few months of diet and exercise. But why did O’Neal decide to lose weight and become healthier?
In an interview with GQ Magazine, O’Neal revealed the he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. The doctor said that sleep apnea can lead to diseases and death. It was the wake up call he needed.
O’Neal had to stay consistent with his diet and exercise to lose a lot of weight. It was harder when he was on the road for work and business. However, he had the discipline to stop eating unhealthy food. It was hard because one of Shaq’s favorite food was burgers.
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