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Avatar: The Way of Water introduces amrita, a valuable new resource coveted by the RDA. Here are its origins and real-life counterparts.
Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Avatar: The Way of Water
Avatar: The Way of Water introduces a new resource on Pandora that is highly coveted by the RDA. Coming from the sacred whale-like creatures known as the Tulkun, the "Sky People" are hunting for amrita, a brain fluid with incredible capabilities. Not only is it set to become a major point of conflict between the RDA and the Na'vi in future films, but amrita also carries inspirations from real-life.
As seen in Avatar: The Way of Water, Jake Sully, Neytiri, and their kids are forced to uproot their lives from the forests of Pandora and move to its vast and vibrant oceans. There they learn to become part of the Metkayina, the reef people, and a large part of their culture is based around their bonds with the Tulkun, who are seen as their spiritual brothers and sisters. Naturally, the RDA hunting the Tulkun leads to major conflict with the Metkayina clan, especially when it's revealed that all the humans want is the amrita, wasting the rest of the creatures after brutally hunting them using depth charges, explosive-tipped harpoons, and more.
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Coming from the highly intelligent brains of the Tulkun, amrita is extracted by the RDA with one vial confirmed to sell for 80 million dollars. This is due to its ability to completely stop human aging. As such, amrita is likely vital to humankind's effort to colonize other worlds away from Earth, and beyond Pandora, a process that takes years of travel. While the use of cryo pods has helped to delay aging during space travel, achieving immortality through this literal anti-aging drug would obviously be a highly desired resource regardless.
An ancient Sanskrit word meaning "immortality", Avatar 2's amrita is aptly named. In Indian religions, amrita is the water of the gods known as the devas and was fought over between them and the asuras, demigod clans who sought power. In the same way, Pandora's amrita is similarly becoming a major source of conflict. Likewise, it should be noted that amrita Water does exist in the real world as artesian water which has been filtered through silver, contains high pH levels, is rich in microelements, and claims to help delay aging and help prevent disease. As such, the product's name was likely inspired by ancient Indian religion as well. Obviously, Avatar's version is far more fantastical than the kind that could be purchased in real life today.
While the presence of a new resource to be found in the oceans of Pandora is interesting, it's somewhat odd that the original mineral coveted by the RDA, Unobtainium, is hardly mentioned at all. While it's never mentioned by name (likely because many audiences found it laughable), it's confirmed by the RDA's General Ardmore that the corporate giant's mission is no longer focused on overseeing mining operations. Instead, they've constructed an entire city, looking to be the first stop on humankind's journey to galactic colonization.
With the original Avatar's unobtainium being highly conductive, the rare and extremely valuable mineral was something Earth sorely needed during its energy crisis which was mentioned in the first Avatar film. However, it's confirmed that the Earth is nearing its total demise by the RDA's return to Pandora, hence the reason their mission has expanded beyond mining for a world that will soon be dead. As such, the introduction of amrita as a new resource to be claimed and fought over makes perfect sense in Avatar: The Way of Water.
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