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A regular skincare routine is essential for healthy skin as the years go by, but according to a skincare expert, products don’t need to break the bank in order to have positive effects. Rob is the skincare expert behind the Youtube channel Mad About Skin, where he shares skincare tips and tricks, along with product reviews.
In a video, he shared “an anti-ageing skincare hack” which he said: “Blew my mind and works better than botox”.
The anti-ageing routine combines two products together at the same time. “I’ve talked about this skincare power couple in the past,” he said.
“The Ordinary Matrixyl and The Ordinary Argireline Solution, but I’ve never done a short video on it.
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“I want to keep getting this message out there loud and clear because these two products have transformed my skin. I use these for their anti-ageing benefits.”
The Ordinary Matrixyl 10 percent + Hyaluronic Acid is a high-strength peptide serum that, according to The Ordinary, has “been shown to reduce the look of static and dynamic wrinkles”.
The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10 percent is a lightweight peptide serum which, according to the skincare manufacturer, is “a ‘non-injective’ solution for dynamic lines”.
Rob explained: “I first go in with The Ordinary Argireline on the areas of dynamic fine lines and wrinkles, those caused by movement.
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“It also hydrates you to the Gods. And that Matrixyl in the long term will help to increase the amount of collagen and elastin production, some great anti-ageing benefits.
“The Argireline will keep working for you throughout the day and some studies have shown it can decrease the depth of any wrinkles you have by up to 17 percent.”
What makes the skincare duo even more alluring is its price tag, which is a snip of the cost of Botox injections. The Argireline solution retails at £7.50 from The Ordinary website, while the Matrixyl solution retails for £9.80. “I promise you they are worth the splurge,” said Rob.How to look younger graphicSome of Rob’s audience have also shared their experience trying the products. In a comment on his video, a viewer named Tess said: “I saw your video a few weeks ago and bought both of these products. I use the Argireline like you said, first on the lines, let it dry and then I mix a few drops with the Matrixyl and put it all over my face.
“My elevens have already begun to flatten, the lines are not as tight and my skin overall is tightening up. It’s not dramatic, but I’ve only been using them for a little over a week.
“Can’t wait to see what happens in a few months. Thanks for being you and uploading such helpful videos.” Another commenter named Michelle said: “I use both [and] love them. Amazing results for sure.”
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