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The small changes can make a big difference.
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Micheal Mosley has shared four anti-aging hacks that can turn back your body clock.
Shared on the Fast 800 Instagram page, the health expert and BBC's resident doctor has explained the simple lifestyle changes that can help to reverse the negative effects within the body.
As we get older, it is normal for our organs to age too and certain unhealthy factors such as poor diet, lack of movement and tobacco can speed up the process.
With a new year just weeks away, it is a good time to examine our lifestyle habits and maybe commit to improving our health.
The good news is new years resolutions don't have to focus just on weight loss, which many go to first following a decadent Christmas holiday. There are many facets of our health that should be looked out for.
Read below for the health specialists advice on how to turn back time on your health.
Dr Mosley states that exercise out can help keep organs like your heart in tip top condition.
He explained: "Regular workouts will lower blood pressure and reduce hidden fats stored deep inside your belly and around your organs."
"Any exercise that increases your heart level will help, even a vigorous 10-minute walk several times throughout the day can boost your heart health."
It's no secret that ditching the cigarettes will make you live longer.
But according to Mosely, it has a wide impact on other parts of the body. "People tend to associate smoking with lung cancer, but there's many other body functions it effects.
"It can age your heart by 10 years, double your risk of having a heart attack, plus cause heart disease and strokes."
Mr Mosely advises that switching to a lighter diet packed with fresh produce and healthy fats will help turn back your body clock.
The weight loss guru, credited with creating the Fast 800 diet, says the eating plan is a great way to ward off internal ageing.
He said: "The Fast 800 embraces a Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown that this way of eating can significantly cut your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and possibly Alzheimer's."
Any form of mediation is bound to leave you feeling relaxed and deep breathing is no different.
Not only does it aid your mental health, but taking time to do so helps improve physical health. Dr Mosley added: "Inhaling long, deep breaths has been proven to decrease high blood pressure, and in turn slows your heart rate, reducing anxiety."
Deep breathing can be done at any time of day and experts recommend periods of inhaling and exhaling for five seconds each for the best effects.
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