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HAS your TikTok been flooded with videos of women taping their faces in place to prevent aging overnight?
Experts warn the trend that's sweeping the platform isn't a miracle cure for wrinkles – in fact, it can damage your skin.
Beauty influencers have compared the effects of overnight face-taping to Botox, and claim it "paralyzes" the facial muscles.
Some use tape to target fine lines in specific areas of the face, like the forehead or mouth, while others apply the technique to prevent general sagging.
Dermatologists on TikTok have expressed skepticism about the "miraculous" results influencers have reportedly captured on camera.
According to experts who spoke to Allure about the viral trend, taping your skin overnight can have unexpected adverse effects.
"It's too simplistic to think that taping the skin with prevent underlying muscle from causing wrinkles," board-certified plastic surgeon Norman Rowe told the outlet.
Though muscle movement does contribute to the development of fine lines, it's not the only factor that causes signs of aging.
Sun exposure, dehydration, environmental concerns, and genetics can all result in wrinkles, and face-taping won't stop them.
In fact, said Michael Horn, another board-certified plastic surgeon, taping your face can inadvertently deepen the lines you'd like to avoid.
"When you tape your face to hold muscles still, you're preventing them from doing what they're supposed to, thus adding resistance," Dr Horn said.
If you're getting your expert-recommended eight hours of sleep, that represents a long "training session" for your facial muscles.
"Over time they can become stronger, accelerating the formation of the fine lines and wrinkles you were hoping to avoid," warned Dr Horn.
Dr Rowe warned that there are other risks involved with the trend that participants might not be considering when try the viral trick.
"If someone used a really strong adhesive tape, they could pull off their top layer of skin when it is removed," Dr Rowe warned.
Even if you don't experience such severe damage, your skin react negatively to the adhesive.
Using the wrong tape puts you at risk for dryness, breakouts, or inflammation.
To prevent fine lines at home, Dr Rowe suggested using a retinoid, moisturizing plenty, and slathering on the sunscreen.
But for dramatic anti-aging results, he said, facial taping won't replicate surgical interventions like Botox and fillers.
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