I’m 52 – my clever anti-aging tip will wipe the years off for free but it looks really weird… – The Irish Sun

PEOPLE have paid big bucks to stay looking young and taut.
One woman shared her simple anti-aging hack, which didn't cost her a dime.
Lila is a digital content creator under the handle @50isthenewfword.
Her TikTok account alone boasts over 14k followers.
She took to the social media platform to share her frugal yet effective anti-aging regimen.
"We've got to work on these down-turned lips," she prefaced, gesturing to the corners of her mouth.
"We want them up," she exclaimed.
Adding to the simplicity of the technique, Lila specified that she did this while watching television.
"We're going to smile and then cover our teeth," she instructed. "And then watch."
"It's not pretty," she warned.
She stuck out her tongue with her lips covering her teeth.
"I warned you," she said. "It ain't pretty, but do that three to five times a day because we don't want to have an angry face."
Viewers posed their questions for Lila's eccentric anti-aging technique in the comment section of the video.
"What does the tongue part do?" one asked.
"It is strengthening the muscles and turning the sides up. Asians use tongue exercises a lot to help with face," Lila replied.
"I’m down to try anything," another wrote.
"It has helped me," Lila replied. "Gotta be consistent like anything else."
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