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A CONTENT creator has revealed the unique anti-aging technique she now uses on a daily basis to stay looking youthful.
Karen Gee often shares life hacks on her TikTok page, and one skincare hack promises to make you look younger, even if it hurts a little bit.
For her TikTok video, Karen wrote in the caption: “30 with a baby face and this may be why.”
As she filmed herself, a voiceover read out a story that Karen was reminiscing about.
“One time I was on a flight to South Korea and every Korean woman on the plane was slapping their face so hard,” the audio said.
“We landed and I saw the same [women] in the bathroom at the airport and they all had perfect skin,” it continued.
Karen recorded herself repeatedly slapping and skimming her face with her fingers in upward motions on her cheeks, forehead, and chin.
“Now I do this after my skincare routine,” she revealed.
Her techniques were identified as a combination of effleurage and tapotement.
Effleurage is a massage that involves circular stroking movements, often with the palm of your hand.
Similarly, tapotement is massaging through rapidly and repeatedly striking your body.
In the comments section, Karen continued giving tips on this method, writing: “Do w/ clean hands after applying skin care products.
“Benefits: products absorb better, circulation, shrinks pores, reduces wrinkles,” she wrote.
While many people were impressed by this technique and backed it up from their own experiences, some pointed out that “shrinking pores” isn’t actually possible.
“This simply works because it increases microcirculation,” someone wrote, while another added: “This is only adding oxygen into the skin and working out the facial muscles and possibly helping blood flow.”
Someone defended the technique, though, commenting: “I use to be an esthetician. It helps your collagen. It's the blood circulation. Works wonders.”
Karen replied, writing: “Amazing. Love the seal of approval from a pro.”
Another person doubled down on it, saying: “Basically massage your face upwards at ALL TIMES. Everyday.”
Others were just as intrigued and amused by the anti-aging tip.
“Not me setting my phone down and slap massaging my face,” someone wrote, while another asked: “Anybody need a free treatment? I got some pent up anger lol.”
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