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A HOLISTIC nutritionist shared her delicious secret to help reduce wrinkles.
Anabee Martinez shares advice about holistic and herbal treatments for different health and skincare benefits.
In a TikTok video, Anabee shared that she uses a very precise amount of “anti-aging gold” to improve her health.
She was specifically looking for something to aid with her heart, but found positive effects on her stomach, skin, hair, and joints too.
In addition to ingesting her cure-all, she also applies it to her face to reduce the appearance of her crow’s feet.
Pulling from her Mediterranean background, she revealed the common cooking ingredient that others in her culture use to look and feel youthful.
Standing in her kitchen, Anabee held up a dark green bottle.
“I know that you’ve heard that olive oil is a good monounsaturated fat,” she said.
“It’s part of the Mediterranean diet, and they have less heart disease,” she added.
Anabee shared how she uses olive oil to “get that benefit for [her] heart.”
“I actually transfer it into a little container,” she said as she held up a small dropper bottle that you may find beauty serums sold in. 
She explained that when storing, the bottle “has to be amber-colored so it’s protected.”
While Anabee didn’t disclose an exact type of olive oil she uses in the video or in the comments, she said: “It has to be cold-pressed and it has to be uncooked.”
“If you cook it, you change the chemical structure and it’s different,” she explained.
Anabee uses 20 drops of olive oil per day because she found that European and American studies, along with the FDA, suggested eating around 1.5 tablespoons of olive oil per day for health benefits.
“If we stay within that amount, it's protective for our hearts,” she said, implying that a little goes a long way.
“Every drop is 1 milliliter. If I use the full dropper, it’s 10 milliliters,” she explained. So, she adds 20 milliliters of olive oil to her vegetables every day.
“It’s gonna taste so good and it’s gonna be so good for me,” Anabee concluded.
Some people made fun of the “magic number” and careful measurements, with some writing: “Drops? My Italian mum will laugh,” and: “I’m impatient, I am going to just drizzle.”
Others backed up the daily intake of olive oil, as one person wrote: “I’m from the Middle East. We take a shot in the morning … and we have a very good health.”
“One teaspoon 1st thing in the morning on empty stomach 1 hour before having any food,” another person shared their technique.
When someone else commented that they use the oil for wrinkles, Anabee agreed: “Yes. I can travel with my bottle and I use it for crow's feet.”
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