He’s How Old?! Bodybuilder Looks Decades Younger Thanks To Yrs Of Discipline. – InspireMore

Commitment is key to any good routine and, when it comes to exercising, it’s what produces results.
A 34-year commitment to daily workouts has not only helped this 73 year old maintain his health, but it’s also gotten folks thinking he’s much, much younger than that. Take a look for yourself!
Xinmin Yang, a Chinese bodybuilder, got involved in the sport in 1984. He says that, ever since then, daily exercise and a healthy diet are key reasons he’s been able to maintain such a good bill of health — he even has the bone density of a 30 year old!
“Exercise is the most important part of my life,” Xinmin said. “Through my years of experience, being a champion is no longer my goal. My goal is maintaining health and anti-aging in order to have energy to do something else.”
He has earned hundreds of bodybuilding titles in his lifetime. And while he no longer competes, he credits bodybuilding training for his younger appearance. In 2018, his doctor was impressed and even told him that he doesn’t “look a day over 60.”
Exercising daily and eating a diet packed with fiber and protein are the keys to his healthy lifestyle. For example, he eats six to eight eggs for breakfast. He’s also a big fan of tomatoes, cucumbers, oatmeal, and chicken breasts.
“I’ve been eating like this for almost 10 years,” Xinmin said.
You might would think that, over time, Xinmin would slow down, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, he plans to continue his workouts for as long as he can.
“I’m confident that I can keep training until I’m 75 years old,” Xinmin said. “Then hopefully I can keep training when I’m 80. And then 85. I want to push the limits of the human body.”
Seeing Xinmin’s success has sparked inspiration in the online bodybuilding community. He even earned the nickname, “Iron Grandpa” and trains others who want to sculpt their bodies.
He also gained some additional online recognition after someone posted a video of him exercising on Reddit, noting the fact that he does not look like a man in his 70s. It’s clear that Xinmin brings new meaning to the adage, “Age is nothing but a number.”
Share Xinmin’s story to remind others of the power of persistence and self-discipline.
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