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Dan Henry has the latest on the wintry weather heading to North Texas.
Dangerously cold temperatures are coming to North Texas later this week with freezing temperatures and sub-zero wind chill.
Thursday morning will be cool, but nothing compared to what we expect to see later in the week.
You will likely wake up to temperatures in the 40s, but don't let that fool you the cold air is coming.
Temperatures will likely start to drop around 8 a.m. for our western counties, and around 9 a.m. for the Metro area.
A wind chill watch goes into effect from Thursday morning to Friday morning.
How this week's arctic blast compares to the deadly Feb. 2021 freeze
In the span of just a few hours everything changes.
Temperatures will drop quickly from the 40s into the 20s by noon.
Wind chills will hit 0 degrees around 4 p.m. on Thursday with winds blowing 25-40 mile per hour!
There is a low chance of some showers and sleet with the front.
If you have any Christmas inflatables, you will want to take them inside for this stretch.
Make sure you are covering your pipes and leaving your faucets running when you go to bed on Thursday night.
LIST: Shelters and warming stations prepare to open across North Texas
The coldest stretch of the entire forecast is Friday morning.
That's when temperatures will hit around 10 degrees in the Metroplex.
The wind chill falls all the way to -6 at 7 a.m.!
Things will be breezy with 14 to 22 mile per hour winds.
Temperatures will warm up a bit later in the day, but it will still be very cold.
Steps you need to take to protect your home from this week's arctic blast
The wind will ease up a bit, but the cold temperatures will stick around.
The lows for Christmas Eve sit at 17 degrees, the high will be around 32.
Most people will be at or below freezing for 72 hours.
How to prepare your car for the arctic blast coming this week
Christmas morning temperatures will still be cold, with lows around 20 degrees.
Things will start to warm up a bit during the day on Christmas with highs around 44.
Remember: If your pipes do burst, you may not know it until things thaw out.
It could be a busy Christmas Day for plumbers across North Texas if people don't take precautions ahead of time.
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The man accused of killing Athena Strand is now facing three counts of sexual assault of a child in unrelated cases out of Tarrant County.
ERCOT says it does not expect any major outages despite the potential for the coldest temperatures we’ve had since that disastrous 2021 winter storm. They say that’s because the temperatures won’t stay as cold for as long, and ice isn’t a factor this time around.
If you are leaving town for the holidays, professionals say dripping faucets is a bad idea. There are a few things you should do instead.
Arctic air is on the way, and it will drop temperatures below freezing across North Texas as Christmas approaches.
This week’s arctic blast will be the coldest weather we have seen since the winter freeze of February 2021, but there are some key difference between what happened then and will happen now.
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