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Ottawa's medical officer of health is urging everyone to evaluate their own health risks and those of the people around them when making holiday plans this year, as respiratory viruses surge.
Two more Ottawa residents have died from COVID-19 this week, and the capital has surpassed 87,000 total laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID during the pandemic.
Levels of respiratory viruses in the capital remain high, with influenza, RSV, and COVID-19 all affecting residents.
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Two new subvariants of Omicron, BA.4 and BA.5, are spreading more quickly than other coronavirus variants in Europe, which could lead to more hospitalizations and deaths as they become dominant, the EU's disease prevention agency said on Monday.

A new study has found that COVID-19 antibody treatments aren't as effective for new variants due to the evolving mutations of the differing virus strains.

The number of new coronavirus cases and deaths reported globally fell everywhere except the Middle East and Southeast Asia last week, according to a World Health Organization weekly report released Wednesday.

Moderna's experimental COVID-19 vaccine that combines its original shot with protection against the omicron variant appears to work, the company announced Wednesday.

The coronavirus mutant that is now dominant in the United States is a member of the omicron family but scientists say it spreads faster than its Omicron predecessors, is adept at escaping immunity and might possibly cause more serious disease.

A new study that brought sniffer dogs to an airport to search for COVID-19 has found that dogs may be able to detect the virus with high accuracy just from smelling skin swabs.

A recent study revealed that COVID-19 rapid antigen tests may be less sensitive to newer variants, leaving some to wonder just how accurate these tests actually are. Experts share how to get the most accurate results when testing for the virus.

The head of the World Health Organization said China's extreme approach to containing the coronavirus is unsustainable because of the highly infectious nature of the Omicron variant, but that it's up to every country to decide what policy to pursue.

The federal government will announce that COVID-19 vaccine mandates for domestic travel on planes and trains, as well as outgoing international travel, will be suspended, senior government sources have told CTV News.

All remaining COVID-19 public health restrictions in Alberta will be lifted Tuesday at 11:59 p.m., including mandatory isolation requirements.

The federal government has announced that it will be temporarily suspending mandatory random COVID-19 testing at Canadian airports for vaccinated travellers beginning June 11, before moving randomized testing off-site as of July 1.

China only counts deaths from pneumonia or respiratory failure in its official COVID-19 death toll, a Chinese health official said, in a narrow definition that limits the number of deaths reported, as an outbreak of the virus surges following the easing of pandemic-related restrictions.

India's government has asked the country's states to keep a sharp lookout for any new variants of the coronavirus and urged people to wear masks in crowded areas, citing an increase in COVID-19 cases in China and other parts of the globe.

MPs have been studying the future of hybrid Parliament, and in the new year a House committee is expected to release a series of recommendations as to whether it is time to retire the virtual elements of Commons proceedings. Ahead of that report being made public, here's what the committee has heard from participants in the study.

Several local governments in China encouraged people with mild cases of COVID-19 to go to work this week, another sign of the difficulty the country faces as its rollback of virus-containment measures sets off a wave of infections — and a growing number of deaths.

Canada's top doctor shares her advice for protecting the health of yourself and loved ones in the first holiday season largely free of COVID-19 restrictions.

Canada's COVID Alert app will be discontinued in the coming days, a federal government source tells The Canadian Press.
As more details emerge about the long-term effects of COVID-19, experts say vaccination is likely to have protective benefits against long COVID, also known as post-acute sequelae SARS-CoV-2 infection. But an important question that has yet to be answered is exactly how much protection it offers.
Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine may pose a higher risk of heart inflammation in some age groups than Pfizer-BioNTech's shot, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday, citing recent data.
Infants born to those who tested positive for COVID-19 during pregnancy may have neurodevelopmental issues after birth, according to preliminary findings from two separate studies out of the U.S. and Spain.
A province-wide mask mandate that was first introduced in October 2020 has now been lifted in virtually all of the so-called “high-risk” settings where it had remained in place, including on public transit.
A report from Equifax Canada published earlier this month found that Canadians 35 years of age and younger owe the least amount of money, but are the worst at paying off their credit card balances.

As some retailers rethink the way they handle online returns, anyone still shopping this holiday season may want to give those policies a read before hitting the checkout button.

Young Canadians are increasingly pessimistic about Canada's economic situation compared to a year ago and are more willing to stay in their current jobs than leave, a recent survey from Leger shows.

The Bank of Canada recently increased its policy interest rate by 50 basis points, marking the seventh consecutive increase to the target overnight rate in 2022, leaving many Canadians wondering just how high Canada’s prime rate can go.

Decades-high inflation and soaring interest rates have led many to take a closer look at their spending habits and, consequently, make some tough choices.

A major winter storm is expected to bring a dangerous mix of rain, snow, flash freezing and high winds to Ottawa and much of Ontario, threatening to disrupt holiday weekend travel plans.
The Public Service Alliance of Canada says it is filing a labour board complaint against the federal government.
A driver leaving an Ottawa DriveTest centre with a brand new licence didn't get very far before the licence was taken away.
The Law Society of Ontario was granted permission for a seizure and search of Bowie’s electronic devices days after CTV News reported he allegedly offered legal services in exchange for sexual favours.
The final day of the Ottawa Christmas Market has been cancelled due to the coming winter storm.
A fiery crash early Wednesday morning closed Highway 401 for several hours in Trenton, Ont.
The five people killed after a 73-year-old man went on a shooting rampage at his Toronto-area condo are being remembered as kind community members who were loved by their families.
Two people are facing several charges after police say they tried to stop cars on a Highway 417 off-ramp to sell items to the drivers.
Ottawa's medical officer of health is urging everyone to evaluate their own health risks and those of the people around them when making holiday plans this year, as respiratory viruses surge.
A lawyer who represented 'Freedom Convoy' organizers has been sued for defamation after alleging a Toronto consultant carried a Nazi flag to discredit protesters.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. has announced regulations for the ban on foreign homebuyers, which comes into effect on Jan. 1.

Donald Trump paid no income tax during the final full year of his presidency as he reported a loss from his sprawling business interests, according to tax figures released by a congressional panel.

As Christmas Day approaches, many consumers are still in the midst of holiday shopping. But it pays to watch out for fraudsters and scammers trying to swindle you out of your cash or steal your personal information.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy paid a defiant wartime visit to Washington on Wednesday to thank U.S. leaders and "ordinary Americans" for their support in fighting off Russia's invasion and pledged there would be "no compromises" in trying to bring an end to the war.

Tom Cruise does another do-it-himself movie stunt including driving a motorcycle off a Norwegian mountain. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

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