Clayton County police locate 11-year-old girl believed to be victim of human trafficking – FOX 5 Atlanta

A missing Clayton County girl, who was believed to be in grave danger, has been located by police. The 11-year old was reported missing after she ran away from home Tuesday.
Police said they found an 11-year-old Clayton County girl they suspected was at risk of human trafficking. The announcement comes after police said people hindered investigators while they were trying to find the girl. 
Police didn't explain where she was found or if she was with anyone. FOX 5 Atlanta is working to learn if anyone has been arrested in the investigation.
The Clayton County Police Department said officers learned the girl left home on Mallard Drive in Jonesboro at around 3:39 p.m. on Dec. 13. Police said she left with a bag packed without permission from her family.
Her family said she had been planning to leave with an unidentified adult "for some time." Police didn't know the suspect's name and age. 
Police believed she was in danger her disappearance was related to human trafficking. 
"We don't know what is going on, we don't know what this person is doing to her," Clayton County police spokesperson Julia Isaac said. "Therefore, we believe she's in danger."
Police haven't confirmed if their suspicion was correct.
Officials said people who "think they are helping," the investigation are making it harder for police to find the girl.
"We are asking the public to please ask law enforcement to investigate this case because we have had multiple parties interfere with the investigation of this case," Julia Isaac said. 
Police said they will provide more details when the investigation concludes.
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