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In this fast-moving world, people want to have brains that will be fast working, problem-solving, attentive, and able to handle stress and still be pleasurable.  In order to cater to these needs of the people, speed pills came onto the market.
The list of nootropic supplements of our choice are
Such pills contain methamphetamine which is very strong and causes an inclination toward drug addiction.  Due to this speed pills have been banned and declared legal.
Due to the pleasurable feeling obtained by consuming people, the users are often attracted to drugs and gradually turn into drug addicts.
Cocaine is the other strong stimulant that comes under the speed pills and can be dangerous in case of accidental Overdose.
Ecstasy is the other speed pill that is often found among the Club goers. But it has many side effects such as heart attack, kidney ailments and blood clotting.
But the good news is that scientists have been able to find a safe alternative to speed pills. These are called Nootropic supplements. These supplements are made using natural ingredients and are free from any adverse side effects. Hence such supplements are safe while it gives all the benefits of speed pills.
Best speed pill-like supplements on the market
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Though made from natural ingredients Vyvamind is a strong stimulating supplement that enables the replacement of speed pills or Amphetamines.
The reason why we select Vyvamind as the best alternative to speed pills are
Ingredients are tested and safe
All the natural ingredients are so selected as to give the strongest stimulating impact to its users. It contains a small amount of caffeine. As caffeine has some jittery effects, the amount of it has been kept at a moderately low level. Both caffeine and L-Theanine have a beneficial effect on the mitochondria which are responsible for energy.
The other important ingredient is L-Tyrosine which enhances dopamine known as the feel-good neurotransmitter of the brain. Thus cognitive attributes such as motivation and inspiration are assured by the supplement through these ingredients.
Another important constituent of the supplement Vyvamind is Anhydrous caffeine. This is not the same as is found in caffeine-rich beverages. Rather this is a powdered and dehydrated form of caffeine. In this form, the caffeine becomes much more potent.
So the users can achieve the same kick with 75 mg caffeine included in the supplement being the optimum amount. But it will give you the effect of a much higher dose of ordinary caffeine.
The inclusion of citrin in the supplement is done for the improvement of cognitive functions while eliminating the jitter that may appear from the caffeine.
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Nooceptin is a strong and quite effective health supplement from the reputed health supplement manufacturer of the USA M/S SAP Nutra. After the coming of the supplement, the users of speed pills are turning to back to this supplement.
As we all know that speed pills that have strong chemicals often harm their users pushing them toward drug abuse and seeking the pleasurable feelings obtained from the speed pills.
But Nooceptin, though providing the equal kick as obtained from the speed pills has no side effects or jitter or crash. So it is a safe alternative to speed pills for certain.
As the product is made in the land of the USA under the ambit of FDA-controlled guidelines, the quality and safety of the product are assured.
Ingredients of Nooceptin
Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract
Its effectiveness in enhancing cognitive behaviors are known for centuries. Recently scientists have researched and documented its beneficial effects and the methodology of working on the ingredient. Benefits from the ingredient are attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties and its effects on providing natural growth.
Panax Ginseng
This is a well-known herbal medicine and is a known agent for increasing visual memory.
Rhodelia Rosea
It is taken from the treasury of herbal medicines. It has been used for a long time for treating mental as well as physical stress conditions. Modern science has identified its active elements such as rosavins, tyrosol, salidroside, etc. this herb is considered anti-cancer, anti-stress as well as anti-aging.
Bacopa Monnieri
This ingredient has been taken from Ayurveda. Recent research could identify its active agents in alkaloids like brahmine and nicotine etc. it has many beneficial effects on cognitive impairments. It even is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
Ginkgo Biloba
The constituents of the ingredient namely flavonoids, ginkgolides, and lactones have been thoroughly investigated by scientists and found to be useful for the enhancement of cognitive abilities. It has been in use in China and in Japan for treating a number of ailments.
L-Theanine is found in tea and has lots of beneficial effects. The benefits of Citicoline include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and many more. Protection of the vital organs kidney, cardiovascular system, immune system, obesity, and also cancer.
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This is the third science-backed OTP supplement having no caffeine and is obtained from natural ingredients sourced from tested international stores.
The medicine is obtained primarily from the marigold plant called Lutemax 2020. Lutemax has been selected due to the presence of three very important nutrients beneficial for eye-brain connection issues. These nutrients are Lutein, RR Zeaxanthin, and RS Zeaxanthin.
This ingredient has been found to work in many areas of the brain which include memory, visual, and listening. So this ingredient in the supplement means increased attention, enhanced memory, lesser stress as well as high information processing.
In a nutshell, the supplement is capable of providing speed pill-like jerk and stimulation naturally without the risk of any side effects.
Best speed pill-like supplements on the market
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